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Creative Gravity Balance Eagle Ornaments Novelty Toys

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Spiritual Guidance:

  • The eagle is the best animal in the food chain and symbolizes freedom, strength, courage, wisdom and victory. There are such decorations in the office or at home which can remind you at any time of the way forward.

Creative Gravity Toy:

  • The eagle is perfectly balanced at the top of the Eiffel Tower thanks to gravity. You can even rotate it 360 degrees without worrying about falling.

Release Your Stress:

  • When you play with this balanced toy, you will be surprised how much stress you take out of it.The eagle can be removed and you can put it on your finger and anywhere you want. It is the perfect decorative toy for offices and homes



Very Simulation:

  • The scale model is produced with a high degree of simulation. You can clearly see the grain of the ornament. You will get a real model like the Eiffel Tower, famous as one of the most numerous buildings in the world. Bring more romantic atmosphere to your interior decoration.





  • Gravity Balance Toy Self Balancing Eagle Eiffel Tower Iron Crafts Interesting gravity toy. Show the magic of gravity, good for educational use. It can be used to learn more about gravity and balance.
  • This gravity scale toy is a good choice as a decoration, will bring more retro atmosphere to our daily life. Perfect for photography props, DIY props.
  • Material: alloy