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Eidolon Series : Dunes of Time Edition (Wall-Mount)

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It All Starts With a Spec of Sand

Take a minute out and think about the massive sand dunes. Where do they start? How do they start? Well, it all starts with a single spec of sand and a gentle flow of wind. This is what our Dunes of Time masterpiece are all about…

It forms different dunes on every turn hence giving you a feel of the bigger picture and higher forces at play.

The Healing Mojo of Sand

Watching the sand flow, observing it create structures, and letting it bring new things to life is an experience. It’s something you get to feel, cherish and draw inspiration out of. This is exactly how this Sand Stand makes you feel.

It soothes your eyes and lets you unwind after a busy day.

As If You’re Observing A New Planet

Yes! It looks like the dunes one might see on mars. Well, going it isn't possible but you get to bring that place and vibe to your home.

Each flip produces a completely non-repeating dynamic painting to surprise you unlike anything else.