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Pet Bathrobe

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Looking for a cozy and comfortable way to dry your pet after bath time?

PetFlexRobe™ is the answer. Towels can be heavy and cumbersome. What's better than a robe to keep your pet warm and dry after bathing or lounging by the swimming pool? This PetFlexRobe™ will keep your pet dry and comfortable.

Super Absorbent: No human should be forced to dry a wet dog with a regular old towel. No matter how much you might love your furry friend, we all know this is unpleasant. Thankfully we've created our Dog/Pet Drying Robe which makes the whole process easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. If you are a person who cares about the pet and keeps cleanness around, then there is nothing better than our bathrobe to bring comfort to your pet.

Easy On & Off: Wet dog smell, begone! Dry your pet quickly and in comfort with this easy-to-use bathrobe. This adjustable strap fast-drying pet bathrobe is the only bathrobe your pet will need. Conveniently put on or take off with an easy-on easy-off hook and loop tape. Water drops and fur are absorbed quickly for a super fluffy effect.

Stylish Design: After a bath and brush, your furry friend will want to wear the towel. Let him or her lounge and dry off in style with this adorable pet robe. Your dog will love our bathrobe after a trip to the groomers. Just slip it on and fasten the strap for a comfortable fit. Dry your dog quickly with this super-absorbent robe. This stylish design is one your dog will happily show off!

Comfortable Material: Don't worry about this towel‘s durability. It‘s made of polyester and has a very long service life. Warm pet bathrobe made of soft and comfortable fast-drying polyester material. It is warm, breathable, and has good elasticity. You will love these robes as much as your pet does.

Machine-Washable: Pets can get just as wet as you, so why not help them shake off that water with our Pet Bathrobe? Wrap your dog up in our PetFlexRobe™ to keep them warm, comfortable, and stylish after a bath! The 100% machine-washable robe allows for effortless machine washing and safe drying, meaning more time for cuddling up with your best friend.

Great to use: Wrap your pet in comfort with this beautifully soft and warm pet bathrobe. This towel is ideal for drying off wet dogs, cats, and other furry animals. Great to use around the house or after a bath, walk in the rain or after swimming. Give your pet a happy bath with this PetFlexRobe™.