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Screen Magnifier

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No-slope phone amplifier screen: The magnifying screen will not slip due to its unique design. It can prevent fatigue and radiation, even if you watch movie all day long, you won't feel tired, moviegoers can relax their hands and submerge themselves all the time.

Mobile phone magnifier for all smartphones: suitable for all cell phones, etc. It can also be used as a cell phone holder. Plexiglass screens make the viewing effect clearer and more stereoscopic. It is always a very creative and fashionable gift for friends and family. Especially for the elderly, children and moviegoers.
2 to 6 times smartphone magnifier: Zooming in 2 to 6 times allows you to adjust the viewing distance according to the screen size. The recommended distance is 0.5 meters to 2 meters. It can be viewed by one person or with friends and family together, and you can sit or stand to use it, regardless of your height.
Easy to use way: no battery needed, the portable size is also very suitable for carrying. You can use it when you are at home, traveling and on the way to work. It is also very suitable for children to watch cartoons, and it can be used easily, and it can also protect children's eyes and prevent your baby's radiation.

1. Material: ABS + Lens
2. Color: black, white, red
3. Size: 26 * 17.5 * 0.9cm
4. Packing list: 1 * screen amplifier