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Scribing Ruler 2.0

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Scribing Ruler 2.0

The Scribing Ruler makes life much easier than the old school tape measure, in which nine times out of 10 you have to recut things because you have cut too much off. Well, it's time to stop the guesswork and have your cuts millimeter perfect time and time again.

Perfect Cuts

An easier and more efficient way to instantly duplicate any shapes. Precisely creates an instant template for curved and irregular-shaped objects.

Easy To Use 

Simply fix the pencil in the middle, pushing while drawing, easy to draw the lines without error.

Both Ends Can Be Used

Designed with pulley end and pointer end, both ends can be used. Smoother drawing with pulley end, while accurate and easy drawing with pointer end. The pencil clip can be moved up and down, which is convenient for exchanging the shape end.

Quality and Durable

Made of high-quality metal, it is strong and durable. Easy to carry and store, just put it in your toolbox and take it everywhere with you.

Precise Shape Duplication

An easier way to duplicate various shapes, ideal for tile fitting, laminate and carpet cutting, ceramic and paving, etc.

Anyone Can Use It

The great thing about the Scribing Ruler is that anyone can use it, you don't need any experience in this line of work.

 Perfect For DIY

So if you're thinking of getting new flooring done, or new tiles in your bathroom and don't want to pay someone thousands of dollars. The scribing ruler is your best friend as we all know the cuts are the hardest part.

A Unique Gift 

If you have a friend that's in this line of work or simply just loves working around the house the Scribing Ruler would be very beneficial.