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Therapeutic Tongue Drum Kit

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Give Yourself the Gift of Sound Therapy!!

Therapeutic Tongue Drums create more than just music.

Its unique tones tap into the same vibrations as other spiritual instruments used throughout the ages, such as gongs and singing bowls

It has been used worldwide for yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing by energy healers, spiritual practitioners, and teachers of all kinds as a tool for sound therapy!

This Percussion instrument creates sounds that unlock a deep peace within the listener, which in turn, creates a state of harmony and joy.

  Each Tongue Drum is handmade by Hong Kong-based craftsmen and contains the essence of Chinese Philosophy and music while simultaneously including modern technology, sound theory, and innovative design. 

Why YOU Need A Tongue Drum

The sounds Tongue Drums make have many wonderful benefits for stress management and overall health. The sound waves calm your physiology, without you even making a conscious effort, thus alleviating stress from your mind. Over time your body will slowly (but surely) build resilience toward stress over time. 
It's perfect for: 

healing practices, meditation, creative thinking, and spiritual exploration

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 You singlehandedly have the power to create music that summons feelings of peace & harmony. Tongue Drums are both melodicEASY to play, and make the perfect gift. 

It doesn’t demand years of practice or extensive training - in fact, anyone at any age is able to summon up its soothing sounds within the first day of owning one!

For many people, music meditation can feel simpler and more instantly relaxing than other forms of meditation practices. The combination of music with meditation can deepen the positive effects of both, bringing you greater stress relief.

With 30 Day risk-free guarantee, just try one out, you will not be disappointed!


Compact, Beautifully Crafted & Perfectly Tuned. 

Each Tongue Drum is perfectly tuned to produce clear and delightful sounds. They are designed so that a total beginner - even those who believe they don’t have any musical ability or sense of rhythm - can quickly produce beautiful sounds. Anyone can pick it up and play!

With a total of 11 tones in the Key of C, each drum has an adequate range of sound that can play both simple and the most complex compositions.

Each Tongue Drum is made of durable, high-quality alloy steel and supported with sound stabilizers to produce clean, vibrant sounds everyone adores. Beautifully finished and very sturdy, each drum comes with its own carrying case.

Each drum is individually inspected to ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality possibleand made so that it can remain an object of beauty for years. 

Material: Fine Titanium Alloy Steel
Features: C Key, 11 Tone
Size (Approx.):
17.5cm x 7.5cm x 17.5cm / 
6.89" x 2.95" x 6.89"

Package Content:
1 x Therapeutic Tongue Drum
2 x Drum Sticks
2 x Drum Stick Holders
1 x Tutorial Book
1 x Finger Cover
1 x Drum Bag 

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30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee! 

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Anchor Yourself In The Moment And Find Peace Within Yourself!!